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why choose HMS to deliver your yacht Featured image
Why choose HMS to deliver your yacht
15th January 2021
The Essence of Cannes and Nice
The Essence of Cannes and Nice
29th March 2021
why choose HMS to deliver your yacht Featured image
Why choose HMS to deliver your yacht
15th January 2021
The Essence of Cannes and Nice
The Essence of Cannes and Nice
29th March 2021

Why Choose HMS for Your Yacht Management Company

Honest Marine Services is a fully-fledged
Yacht Management Company

Founded and captained by Max and Katie, with a vast amount of maritime experience in the yachting industry, HMS delivers exceptional services to its clientele. Max and Katie started HMS from humble beginnings and grew the business to where it firmly stands today.

Max is primarily in charge of handling operations at HMS. After spending years at sea, Max has covered all aspects of yachting. He has filled positions such as chief mate and skipper on several superyachts, making him well qualified and respected in the industry.

Katie covers the business side of things. After spending years in the International relations industry for large companies in London, she decided to relocate to France to provide Honest Marine Services with exceptional organisational skills.

As a yacht owner, you probably know that owning one comes with a lot of fun, but also a lot of responsibilities you don't necessarily have time for. That's where Honest Marine Services comes in. We take care of your yacht for you and cover all the maintenance aspects so that you can hop on board and enjoy your downtime.

The beauty of yacht management is that your yacht is always well-maintained, and you don't lift a finger. Keep reading to find out how hiring a professional yacht management company can save you a lot of headaches and protect your asset at the same time.

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What exactly is yacht Management?

Any yacht is quite a substantial investment. Your valuable assets require careful management by a trusted and experienced crew, no matter its size. Yacht management, performed by a yacht management company is a shore-based support system focused on supporting yacht operations with respect to accounts, technical interventions, and compliance requirements.

At HMS, we provide seamless and extensive shore-side support to ensure your yacht is cared for. Our team has extensive knowledge, skills and experience to deliver a range of management services.

Our management packages are entirely tailored to suit your needs. It can be broken down into monthly packages or annual maintenance packages. With HMS there's no need to sign lengthy contracts as we work season to season. Have a look at some of the benefits of hiring a yacht management company.

Maintenance logistics are taken care of

A yacht management team will take care of all the mundane tasks such as planning the charter, yacht maintenance, and necessary repairs. The management crew is also responsible for all safety precautions and ensuring safety measures are up to date.

If your luxury yacht requires maintenance, we organise and assist throughout the whole maintenance process. We provide you with feedback and support every step of the way.

Financial efficiency and control

With the decline of the current global economy, you may have found it challenging owning an asset that you cannot fully utilise, and you're still incurring expensive costs.

HMS supports yacht owners in providing them with calculated solutions and works alongside owners to find cost-effective management methods in every operational area. HMS manages several yachts and is, therefore, able to benchmark costs across similar yachts and share newfound efficiencies across the fleet we are currently managing at the benefit of our clients.

Safety maintenance and control

As a yacht owner, when you climb on-board your luxury yacht, you would like the peace of mind that all the necessary safety checks and precautions have been made. When you arrive for your holiday, you want to hop on board and get your holiday started.

At HMS, we fully understand this, and that's why we take care of safety maintenance and control before you arrive for your long-awaited holiday.

Future usage

In a world that continually changes significantly in the last year, we understand that recent events might prompt you to reconsider how you use your yacht in the future. Whether it's professional advice on listing your ship, assessing potential charter income or simply just finding ways to make your yacht ownership experience better in the future, our team is here to help.

Technical management

Our staff can provide a wealth of knowledge on the technical and maintenance field through our diverse background and practical experience. Our team will help align maintenance and repair work with the maintenance budget and your holiday itinerary through regular visits to your yacht and work alongside the captain to select and monitor vendors, contractors, and dockyards.

Our maintenance and technical crew will conduct periodic reviews of your yacht's overall upkeep and plan maintenance schedules or any other issues that could affect your safety and the safety of your loved ones whilst on-board. Our inspections can be tailored to your budget, and you will receive a written report in your vessel's status.

Tailored packages you can choose from

Our packages are divided into monthly maintenance packages or annual maintenance packages, and we work season to season.

Our packages include:

Monthly checks

Our monthly packages offer yacht owners a variety of services they can choose from. We offer a monthly security package, monthly operational checks package, and a monthly maintenance package.

The security package includes monthly inspections of:

    ✓ All security systems on-board
    ✓ Bilges, mooring lines and crossover lines
    ✓ Bad weather checks
    ✓ Inspection on the condition of the lines
    ✓ Internal and external inspection
    ✓ Shore power connection
    ✓ Inspection of fridges, lights and covers

Monthly Management

Our monthly management packages are flexible and can be tailored to your needs. We offer our clientele monthly operational packages, general maintenance packages or technical maintenance packages. The breakdown of what each package involves can be seen below.

Monthly operational package

Our operational packages are aimed at keeping your luxury yacht in tip-top shape throughout the off-season.

Our skilled and experienced staff members will regularly check components like your:

    ✓ Engine oil
    ✓ Fuel filter
    ✓ Coolant level
    ✓ Gearbox oil
    ✓ Generator oil
    ✓ Bilges
    ✓ Battery voltages

What you can expect to receive

When partnering with HMS as your shore-side support, you can expect nothing but the best. We live up to our Honest mantra, only employing crew that we can trust. Your satisfaction is our main priority; therefore, we keep you in the loop all the time.

We provide our existing clients with the following:

    ✓ Monthly/annual reports detailing the current status of your yacht
    ✓ Full crew maintenance support
    ✓ Full administrative support
    ✓ Quick and practical solutions to any problems that might arise
    ✓ Trip summaries following each trip and include a detailed account

Six frequently asked questions about yacht management

Q1: Why do yachts need security assessments and a security plan?
The ship assessment forms an integral part in developing and updating security plans, which keep you and your loved ones safe while onboard

Q2: Why do I need a yacht security officer?
Yacht management companies must have a yacht security officer to coordinate all the security activities and ensure that all of the security systems are fully maintained and internationally audited. A security officer has adequate training in safety measures and precautions to ensure your safety on board.

Q3: How does the process work when I'm interested in management services?
To get started, select the package that suits your needs, and we will send through a quote. Once the quote has been accepted, management services will commence. There’s no need for contracts and we have a wide range of safe and secure payment options available to you.

Q4: How do I get a hold of someone at Honest Marine services to discuss a tailored package?
You can click on ‘contact us’ on our website, and you will see all of our contact details. You can also leave us a message describing what you are looking for or give us a call and speak to our friendly crew.

Q5: Does HMS offer interior and exterior cleaning services?
Yes, we do. Our team of professionals will help keep your yacht in tip-top shape when you're not using it. You can tailor your cleaning services package to include monthly interior or exterior cleans separately or in a combination. Cleaning your yacht regularly keeps it from deteriorating and losing its value.

Q6: What happens to my yacht when winter approaches?
We offer winterisation packages as well as summarisation packages to all our clientele. When winter approaches, we ensure that your yacht is made ready for storage to prevent any damage. When winter finally ends, we take her out of storage, and we prepare your vessel for the summer ahead.

We pride ourselves in the work that we do. We always ensure top quality work is provided to ensure your asset is safe and protected.

Our services are wide-ranging, making us a one-stop-shop for all your yachting needs. Whether you need a captain, a full-crew or management support, we are here to help take care of the headaches you don't have time for.

With years of industry experience, there is no problem that we cannot solve, and no task too big for our qualified team. Get in touch to find out more about our packages and services to see how you can benefit from them.