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why choose HMS for your yacht management company featured image
HMS Yacht Management Company
15th January 2021
why choose HMS for your yacht management company featured image
HMS Yacht Management Company
15th January 2021

Why choose HMS to deliver your yacht

Yacht deliveries simplified Quality service guaranteed

So, you've just invested in your dream yacht. All that's left is to get her to her new home. But wait... You don't know how to sail her yet, or maybe you have the necessary skills to bring her to her final destination safely, but perhaps you don't have the time.

Before you make up your mind, ask yourself two crucial questions. “Do I have the skill and the knowledge to travel vast distances with my yacht?" And do I have the time? And can you afford to take a few days off work to get the vessel to where it will be docked? Your next best option is to look into a reputable yacht delivery company.

Hiring a professional team to get your yacht from A to B has several benefits which we will discuss below.

Honest Marine Services provides a world-class delivery service and only uses the most experienced captains and supporting crew when delivering your yacht. We ensure to follow strict safety protocols.

You will receive constant support and updates on your vessel's status to give you peace of mind. We assist with all the preparations, departure formalities, visa requirements and any technical support along the way.

Quality service guaranteed

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Benefits of utilising a yacht delivery company

Delivering your yacht safely to your desired destination is no easy task. It requires a skilled captain and crew to complete the delivery. When you hire HMS to take care of your delivery, you receive nothing but professionalism and excellent service delivery.

Using a yacht delivery company to ensure the safe delivery of your investment holds numerous benefits, such as the ones below:

Ensuring the safety of your yacht

Before your yacht is set for delivery, our team ensures that all the travel preparations are done and that the craft is thoroughly inspected. We also ensure that all of the necessary travel documentation is in place before departure. You can rest easy, knowing that your yacht is in the Honest hands of qualified professionals, and that it will arrive at the chosen destination safely.

We also have response systems in place to cater to any emergency that might occur at sea, which further ensures your investment safety.

High-quality service

We believe in providing our clients with the best and most transparent service. During the delivery process, we are in communication with the yacht owner to ensure that you are kept in the loop every step of the way.

Route planning

Upon receiving your delivery request, we will compile a comprehensive passage plan with you regarding your vessel's delivery. We will provide you with insight into the planned route, delivery times and destination.

Our admin department will also take care of all the documentation and crew handling the ship.

Saves you time

Transporting a yacht from one location to another can be very time-consuming, especially if there's long-distance travel involved. Making use of the services that a professional yacht transport company provides will not only save you time, you'll also get your yacht safely transported, which allows you to focus on other things that may need your frequent attention, such as your businesses.

Your vessel will also be delivered to its destination quicker when you use a reputable yacht delivery company.

Yacht delivery process explained

On our website, you can fill out a free quotation form. After receiving your request, we will prepare a quotation personalised to your needs. One of the administration staff will send you all of the necessary documentation to get you started.

When you choose HMS to deliver your yacht, you can expect nothing less than true professionalism from start to finish. When your ship is in our care, we take care of it as if it is our own. We fully understand your yacht's value; therefore, we only use the most experienced captain and supporting crew.

Weather analysis and yacht delivery routing

As a yacht owner, you should look for knowledgeable and experienced course planning specialists, especially for deliveries in new areas. Honest Marine Services will prepare thorough weather and current ocean analysis, along with a suggested route to make your delivery efficient, timely and safe.

You can expect:

  • Consultation - a discussion of your yacht delivery plan and schedule
  • Weather analysis, forecasts
  • Ocean current analysis
  • Proposal and quotation
  • Updated delivery routing with weather 'what-if' scenarios outlined in advance
  • Debrief and post-delivery report

Yacht delivery features:

  • Complete ship's systems check before departure
  • Route plan and estimated delivery time
  • Tracking system to monitor progress during a yacht delivery
  • Cleaning, gear stowage and yacht preparedness for offshore conditions
  • Supply of safety equipment required for yacht delivery
  • Necessary charts, light lists, almanacks and pilot books not already onboard for delivery
  • Spare parts as required Estimated fuel and dockage costs
  • Any necessary travel permits
  • Complete yacht cleaning post-delivery - our goal is to leave your boat in the best possible condition after delivery
  • Complete passage and yacht report, including vessel and system conditions, any recommended gear changes and passage logbook

Assisted yacht deliveries for owners

We offer assisted deliveries for the owner who has the time and wants to be onboard when delivery occurs. This option is for an owner who desires the professional skills and extensive knowledge of a licensed captain and crew. This is an excellent opportunity for any new yacht owner who is looking to learn more about the onboard systems and handling capabilities of their vessel.

The owner supported yacht delivery is a perfect opportunity for you to learn how to get more out of your yacht and increase your confidence and comfort level.

The crew involved in delivering your yacht

When delivering your yacht, HMS only teams up with people they know and trust. When you need the crew to help deliver your ship, we guarantee that only qualified and highly experienced staff will be used.

Our captains and supporting crew have years of maritime experience. Therefore, they are able to get your yacht to its final destination safely and in pristine condition.

What you can expect from the captain

The captain is ultimately responsible for the safety and well-being of the crew, passengers, and the ship itself, and they perform various duties daily.

Here is a small list of some of the typical duties a captain performs:

  • Plans ship's route and itinerary
  • Develops the budget and makes sure expenditures adhere to it
  • Interviews and hires crew members
  • Supervises crew members
  • Settles disputes among crew members
  • Negotiates with harbour officials at all ports
  • Ensures that the ship is clean and well-maintained
  • Ensures the safety of everyone onboard

First Mate

The first mate works under the captain's supervision and typically performs navigational duties, operates various ship systems, and directs the deck and crew. A first mate is second in command to the captain, taking control in their absence. You can find a first mate on every ship, ranging from a sailboat to a cargo ship, sailing on the coast or out in the deep sea.

Every vessel needs a qualified first mate, especially when delivering high-end yachts safely and on time. Our first mates at Honest Marine services have extensive experience and knowledge. They are more than qualified to take care of your yacht delivery.


A deckhand is responsible for keeping interior and exterior areas clean and tidy for both organisational and safety reasons. They are also in charge of maintaining and operating any other 'water toys' onboard such as jet skis, ribs or other submersibles. These can be dangerous in themselves, so ensuring they are well looked after both on and off the land is essential.


For longer voyages, an engineer will be in charge of the engine, the mechanics and electrical systems onboard the yacht, including repairing any damages that might occur and keeping everything running smoothly.

Honest Marine Services is proud to offer a full range of yacht services, extending from management to maintenance and care. When you use Honest Marine Services to deliver your yacht, we understand that you're putting a lot of trust in us.

That's why we take exceptional care in ensuring your yacht is always taken care of like it's our own. With us, there's no surprises, no waiting extra weeks or months, and no unexpected costs. Our crew has a wealth of maritime experience and is more than able to ensure the safe delivery of your yacht.

To find out more about our yacht delivery services, click on the request a quote button. One of our team members will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your delivery needs.

You can also read up more about some of our other services on our website. We pride ourselves as a full-fledged one-stop-shop for yacht owners, and with us, there's no need to commit to lengthy unnecessary contracts. We can customise a package for you that suits your needs as well as your budget. Get in touch to find out more.