Keeping Your Yacht Maintenance Costs At Bay

The days are stretching longer and preparations have begun for the Monaco Grand Prix. Winter is long forgotten, but the effects it can have on your boat are not. Honest Marine Services is working through our pre-season yacht maintenance checklists. Our priority is to ensure our clients have the best experience when they rejoin us in the French Riviera.

Unfortunately, for many other yacht and boat owners, this will not be the case. Some will arrive at their boats in May only to discover that they have failed engines or their bilge pumps have killed their batteries. With that, HMS have put together an Ultimate Guide to help you to avoid unforeseen yacht maintenance costs.


Fire up those Engines

Firstly, imagine you have been away over the Winter, that’s at least 6 months which is plenty of time for the salt water to have corroded the engine, dried up the impellers and contaminated the exhaust and coolant systems. To eliminate this common yachting issue, HMS performs routine, weekly or monthly engine maintenance checks.

Here is a top tip just for you: Maintain your exhausts by running the engines once a week until operational temperature is reached plus 10 minutes and engage in gear. This also stops your propellers from stagnating and breaking.

Checklist one: Your engines are living a longer, happier life.


You have the power

Many of you will know that Port Vauban is renowned for shorepower trips. If you aren’t here to check, you won’t know until you go to turn the key. Your bilge pumps may have taken all the power from your batteries and your boat will not run, nor will your alarms sound. Disastrous! Rely on HMS to switch the shorepower back on and check your batteries have been charging up ready for your exciting Summer trips to sea.

Checklist two: Your battery packs are fully charged.


It is always better to be safe than sorry

Frayed lines or loose lines are the last thing you want when a storm is brewing. Be prepared for any eventuality.  A guardiennage team who are watching every turn in the weather is essential for your yacht maintenance. A bill for repairs from storm damage are the last thing you need. Honest Marine Services is based just a few minutes from Port Vauban, so you can feel comfortable leaving your boat with us! We are also in close proximity of other ports along the Riviera and are more than happy to travel.

Checklist three: She’s still intact and sitting calmly in her berth.


A Clean Boat Is A Cared For Boat

Last but not least, have you suffered the unforeseen (and totally unnecessary) costs of faded gelcoats and dirty paint work derived from an uncared for boat? Fear not, cosmetic maintenance is another service we offer.

While convenient in ways, it is unfortunate that Port Vauban is on the direct flight path to Nice Airport, only 10km away. Because of this, boats in the port are showered with fallout from planes’ exhausts. When fallout is left on the paintwork for a long period, your yacht will most likely need a polish – an unnecessary burden which could have been prevented with regular care. Avoid paying unforeseen yacht maintenance costs – HMS will be glad to wash down your boat weekly.

Checklist four: She is sparkling clean.


A guardian to love your boat in your absence

We know you care for your investment and we do too! Honest Marine Services treats the boats they manage as their own, we love and in turn care for every boat in our fleet. We work to make sure that your cost of upkeep is kept low. With this essential guide, your yacht will live longer and cost less.`Contact our multilingual team today for enquiries or check out our full list of services and packages.

Honest Marines Services team