Our idea of what a Yacht Management company does:

As a yacht management company, Honest Marine Services knows that each yacht owner requires different types of support. With that in mind, we have put together our top 5 favourite ways of adding a touch of romance to your yacht charter. We love to go the extra mile!


The sun is shining and Antibes is coming alive as the yachting industry prepares for the summer season. Boat shows have already begun and yachts will soon be heading back from the Caribbean. At HMS, we’ve been bustling away with our boats between Cannes and Antibes: wash downs, interior cleans, repairs and just recently guest preparation. So, it begins!


Here’s what Honest Marine Services proposes for the perfect romantic yacht charter this season:

  1. We believe the best representation of romance is a subtle scattering of rose petals across the Master Cabin bed. A cabin filled with balloons, candles, flowers and a giant teddy bear is not for everyone…
  2. A scent of freshness goes a long way when it comes to romance. We like to spruce up the yacht with a gentle air freshener and some freshly cut flowers.
  3. What better welcome onboard than a box of handmade macarons to share during your yacht charter.
  4. For those who are partial to a luxury lifestyle with an evening tipple, a bottle of chilled champagne adds sparkle to the romantic atmosphere.
  5. And finally, an excellent management team to greet you onboard, collect your luggage after your flight to Nice and settle you in. Honest Marine Services ensures your experience is uniquely tailored to your needs. We take a personal approach with our clients, we liaise closely with you so that you can be sure to receive no less than an exceptional service. Allow us to handle your charter preparations and arrange a wonderful itinerary booked with restaurants and stops to suit your preferences. We can also offer one of our fully-certified team members to captain your charter.
HMS offers a range of packages because we understand that one size does not fit all. Contact the Honest Marine Services team today for all your yacht needs ranging from yacht management to concierge services!