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This time of year we tend to see Greenies drearily queuing up outside crew training centres and owners kicking off preparations for their return. HMS is here to offer you a helping hand with those tricky manoeuvres and to build your confidence onboard before season hits us all like a force 9 wind. Our fully-certified instructors offer two types of training: owner’s training and crew training. Additionally, during season we employ day workers, giving crew the essential skills and experience to kick-start their career.

Unlike a course, with HMS you can take as long as you need!



Masters of your own yacht


For owner training, HMS can help you to master those tricky tight in-port manoeuvres, collision regulations in the bay, man overboard training and onboard maintenance. With our training, you will have the possibility to go the extra nautical mile and enjoy the liberty of night passages, maximising your time at the helm of your boat.



Expectations vs Reality

It’s easy to drive a boat when all is calm, but the true test of professionalism is when things get rough. There are a multitude of stressful situations that may arise when driving a boat, from alarms going off to losing an engine. Here are a couple of examples:

Firstly, losing an engine. Often the result of leaving your fuel tanks empty over winter, causing your fuel to become contaminated with condensation build-up in your tanks. Prevention is better than cure, so here you can find our Ultimate Guide to preseason yacht maintenance in case you missed it.

Secondly, it is not uncommon to drag an anchor when surrounded by other boats. This may lead to panic, causing you to forget that the tender is tied off the stern. You put the boat in reverse and ever so suddenly the painter gets caught around the propellors and you are left with the shredded remains of your tender. Ouch! That’s a pricey ordeal.
Max and Bertie will guide you meticulously through all that you need to know onboard. Your training will include the particulars of your boat because just like owners, no boat is the same.

 FYI CREW : Tie the tender off midships with a painter that doesn’t extend further than aft of the vessel. 

Greenies, your crew training begins here :
Firstly, ensure that you get your STCW! PSC&RB is virtually compulsory, without it you cannot work on any commercially registered yacht. While it may put you marginally out of pocket initially, rest-assured that charter tips will replenish your bank account generously. You will need to update this every 5 years.
Next, for those of you dreaming of bigger (and more exciting) things, HMS also advises completing your Powerboat Level II Certificate. Ensure that you are qualified to grasp the opportunity of driving a tender when it presents itself to you. You’ll be personally trained by our fully-qualified instructors: Captain Max or Captain Bertie. Both have a wealth of experience which you will benefit from.

Finally, as a marine services company based in Antibes, our work encompasses much of what you will require as experience before you get your first gig. Examples of the day work we offer below:

  • Washdowns – Don’t underestimate the precision and speed you will need to learn to wash a boat down to perfection.
  • Polishing – Prepare your arms for a solid workout, this is going to take some practice.
  • Teak-scrubbing – Honestly, there is an art to it. Across or along the grain?
With HMS, you can learn all of this and more and see your CV’s value increase.

Don’t forget to send over your CV’s at the beginning of season for day work opportunities!


Both Bertie and Max have in-depth knowledge of the industry and boats. Collectively, they have over 22 years experience across motor and sailing boats. They are both fully-qualified captains and hold powerboat II instructor licences. Two jovial men who would be more than pleased to share their knowledge and help others to make the most of their passion for sailing and the sea.

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