Winterization & Summerization

Packages are available to help prepare and protect your yacht for each upcoming season

Whether that’s getting the craft ready for a busy summer, or packing away ahead of the winter

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Winterization & Summerization

Select winterization and summarization packages without the hassle of a lengthy contract

With us you are able to change your package according to the requirements of the new season, putting you in the captain’s chair at all times.


Winterizing your yacht prepares it for inactive storage months during the freezing winter weather, potential dangerous storms and corrosive elements within the atmosphere.

This includes filling up the fuel lines to prevent freezing during dormancy or flushing various systems on the yacht to ensure it is well-maintained.


Summarizing your yacht prepares all systems for an active yachting season. Summer is a great time to catch up on routine maintenance, preparing your yacht for the season ahead.

Summarization includes inspecting the vessel, cleaning it, repairing or replacing anything that is damaged. We also perform routine maintenance checks to ensure everything is in working order before you come on board.

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